Advisor/Mentor at Skidmore College

On Friday, February 16, 2024 I will be serving as a an Advisor/Mentor at Skidmore College’s Virtual Career Connections ’24 Conference.  This event allows members of the Class of 2024 to meet, connect with and gain career guidance from experienced professionals in a wide range of industries.  The networking event is powered by Brazen Technologies.


Workers’ Compensation Case Reserving White Paper

Co-authored by Rick Sabetta in 2022 in Work Comp Central publication

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IRUA Industry Panel Expert

COVID-19 And Its Impact On The Reinsurance Industry

Pollution Claims Increasingly Challenge Insurers

Published in National Underwriter (Rick Sabetta)

Environmental Claim Management

Published in Contingencies (Rick Sabetta)

Making Workers’ Comp Painless for Public Entities

Published in American City & County Magazine (Rick Sabetta)

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